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Revenge at Kings Mountain

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This is a story of our forefather’s courage and valor, honor and integrity. It is a story of our history. It is a story about those who sacrificed so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. It is a story of a battle fought long ago which set into motion the winning of the American War for Independence. It is a story of men and women who stood up against a British government and said enough is enough. While this is a story of one battle fought in 1780, its story of sacrifice is something that still lives in us as Americans today.


Ed DeVos is a member of the 307th Bomb Group and a highly decorated military officer.  He is an experienced writer of thought-provoking historical fiction. His three works, The Stain, The Chaplain's Cross, and Revenge at Kings Mountain, a Revolutionary War battle fought in October, 1780, feature characters who model valor, integrity, honor, and courage as they face spiritual and moral dilemma warriors have always faced on the battlefield. His works inspire the readers to search how they too would fare in the dilemma posed. He now makes his home in South Carolina where he speaks to various organizations about these themes.