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307th BG Memorabilia Shadow-Box Kit - 14" X 22"

$56.00 $49.99

The 307th BG Memorabilia Shadow Box Kit Project is a NEW sensation created exclusively for members and guests of the 307th Bombardment Group Association.
Here's your chance to create your own commemorative keepsake containing a collection of memorabilia selected
from the 307th Military Records Archives of your Father, Grandfather or Great-grandfather.

Frame your memories quickly and easily with this back-loading shadowbox. The working depth is 1.6 inches deep, so you have room to display a quantity of objects.Details:

Black finish exterior
Black velour backing
14" x 22" with 1.6" working depth
Easy back loading
Includes hanging hardware

Use one of four layout templates, or design your own.

Choose from four primary items.
Choose the Bomb Squadron and we'll add a USAF, 13th AF, 307thBG, and Long Rangers patch, or provide your own.
Choose Squadron Pins
Replicate Dogtags, or provide your own.
Provide awarded medals, or have them replicated.
Provide a Fold3 internment flag, or have it replicated.
Choose from three types of personalized documentation.

This is truly a "Forever and Always" commemorative.

Check out the details, then decide!

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