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How We Got Started

The 307th Bombardment Group (HV) Association, Inc.,
The Long Rangers grew out of the initial meeting of former World War II members who got together in the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie in Reno, Nevada on September 11-12, 1972. Our goal and hope was for continued growth and expanded interest in the Nation's finest heroes. The members attending the initial meeting were: Carl Whitesell, Dan Cauffiel, George Jaffe, Ed Jurkens, M. P. Nelson, Arthur Downs, and C. Scott.

Our organization has grown and we have expanded to include the Children of the 307th and their families. Our hope is to insure that future generations never forget the sacrifices that these men made for them and our country. Every two years we hold a reunion in a different part of the country and have a great time reminiscing and catching up with old and new friends.

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